How To See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp In Android and iPhone?

How To See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp In Android and iPhone

Hello guys, are you searching for how to see deleted messages on WhatsApp on the internet then you are in the right place. 

WhatsApp has the feature called ‘Delete For Everyone, by this option you can delete your message from Everyone. 

The message will be deleted on both sides from sender to receiver. 

But what if you want to see the deleted messages? 

WhatsApp has no such option to see the already deleted messages. You need to install a third-party application to see the WhatsApp deleted messages. 

Some third-party applications are available on the play store and some are not available.

how to see deleted messages on WhatsApp?

To see deleted messages on WhatsApp you will need to download an app called WhatsRemoved+, it is a third-party application. 

You can download the WhatsRemoved+ application from the play store but you can’t download it from the apple store. 

Follow the below steps to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

  • Go to play store and type WhatsRemoved+ on the search bar
  • Now download the application and Install it on your smartphone
  • After that open the application and allow access to all the permission they are asking from you
  • Next click on the WhatsApp icon from the list and tap on next
  • Now click on the Next button and tap on the Yes, Save files in the next page
  • Finally, click on Allow button and you are all set to use this application

From now all the notifications which will come from WhatsApp all will be saved in WhatsRemoved+ including the deleted messages. 

Now we are going to talk about one more application called WhatsApp GB WhatsApp. 

It is also a third-party application and this application is not available on the play store or apple store. 

You can download this application from here

You need to log in with your phone number in GbWhatsApp. 

If someone deletes a message for everyone, the chat will remain active in GBWhatsApp. 

Follow the below steps for the installation process.

  • Go to google and type GB WhatsApp on the search bar or click this link
  • Install the application and open it on your smartphone
  • Log in with your existing WhatsApp account number
  • Verify the account with OTP

Now you can use GB WhatsApp on your phone. The UI of this app is similar to official WhatsApp.

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp on your iPhone without any app?

On iPhone, you can’t download WhatsApp removed + types application. 

To see deleted messages on WhatsApp you need to backup your chats on iCloud. 

If you backup your messages on the I cloud then you can restore your old messages as well as removed messages.


In this article, we share the methods of how to see deleted messages on WhatsApp but we don’t recommend you to download such third-party applications. These applications use your storage and contacts and they can collect your personal data. 

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