How to send WhatsApp chats without saving the number on your phone

Hello guys, welcome to this article. Today in this article we will discuss how to send WhatsApp chats without saving the number on your phone. 

WhatsApp is a very popular app and this is the most used messaging application in the world. 

Currently, over 2 million people are using this instant messaging platform. Well! We all know that whenever we want to send chats to someone we always need to save the sender’s WhatsApp number in our contact, and we all hesitate to save the number unnecessarily. 

There are some tips and tricks on WhatsApp. Let’s check the article thoroughly and get all the tips and tricks ideas–

 How to send WhatsApp chats without saving the number in your phone

We all face this problem sometimes, We want to send a chat to someone but at the same time, we hesitate to save those numbers in contact as the number will remain saved in our contact. Where there is some problem there is some solution too. Here are the tips are given below you need to follow –


  • Go to google and search this query phone number with country code ex. For India it is +91xxxxxxxxxx) 
  • After that hit the search button. 

That’s the simple trick you can use and this is fully legitimate.


  • In this trick you need to download an application click to chat’, This app is available in both place play store and apple store
  • After download, the application open it and dial the number with country code 
  • It will redirect you to the chat place.


To use this trick you must behave a stock android smartphone

  • Go to google search and paste the mobile number.
  • Select the mobile number in the search box and click on three dots
  • Now click on the ‘Message’ option
  • After that select Whatsapp and boom !! You are in the WhatsApp Chat now.

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So finally you know all the tricks to chat on WhatsApp without saving the number. Please make sure these tricks are only compatible with Android(Above android 9) and IOS platforms. If you don’t find an option in the WhatsApp app you can use these methods which we discussed earlier. Now you can WhatsApp messages to multiple unsaved numbers.

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