What is A WhatsApp Business Account? Full Information

Do you know you can create an online business profile with WhatsApp? WhatsApp business account is specially used to manage businesses.

WhatsApp Business is a tool so that small business owners will have a market, sell and provide customers.

In this article, we are going to guide you through step by step how to use a WhatsApp Business account to run your small venture or shops. 

How to create a WhatsApp Business account?

To create a WhatsApp business account is very simple. It’s free to download application available on both the play store and Apple store. Follow the steps properly to open your first WhatsApp business account-

  • Go to the play store if you are an android user and go to the Apple store if you are an IOS user.
  • Now type ‘WhatsApp business’ on the search bar.
  • Install the application on your smartphone.
  • Enter your phone number and verify it with OTP.
  • Now create your business profile by entering your- Business name, Category, Description, Business Address.
  • Now click on the ‘Next’ button.

Features in WhatsApp business account

There are so many features in WhatsApp business accounts that might help you to expand your business. Let’s introduce top features in the WhatsApp business app and its benefits

  1. First of all, you have a proper business profile that will be the identity of your product. Customers can get their business name, category, address, email-id in just one place. The verified badge of your profile Gives the company a familiar identity.
  2. It gives automatic greeting messages to the customers. You just need to create a greeting message after that whenever a customer sends a message they will get the greeting message. It helps you very much in your busy schedule. You can also edit your message later.
  3. Catalog, This is a very cool and converting feature. You can put your product image in particular. In the catalog, you don’t need to message them every item’s price, image, and description. 
  4. The next feature we are going to talk about Quick Replies, You can save some common question’s answers and let them deliver in one click.
  5. Whatsapp payments- Whatsapp payment option is very secure and reliable. WhatsApp is the first company that enables transactions with 160 banks. This helps you to get money directly to your bank without any cash transaction. WhatsApp payment feature is a partnership with NPCI and using the UPI system. 

 Connect WhatsApp business account to a FB Shop

Who visits your shop on Facebook, can chat with you about product queries through WhatsApp chat. WhatsApp allows you to link your account in your FB store. 

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